Thursday, 9 December 2010


As usual, right now I'm feeling like floating between reality and dreams (read: half-asleep), and I don't want to do anything particularly vigorous right now. To be honest, I do have an exam tomorrow on public health, but it has low credits, so I'm gonna take it lightly at the moment. This morning was my theory exam, which was on EVERYTHING we've been taught, and I feel fantastically horrible about it. It was the final FINAL examination of my undergraduate study of medicine. Man, I can't fail, not now. I keep reminding myself that I've done what I could and I should hand it all to God now, but my mind and soul are still restless.

And that's why I start this blog. I hope it's a perfect solution. Because those who know me well, know that I can be little too adventurous and can flit from one thing to another (though not people, thank you very much). Usually I will end up having something in different versions, like a series of blogs with different purposes and tones. Other people seem to be able to group these into just one single big blog. But me... being an organised and perfectionist person I am, while at the same time having a gazillion interests and musings, I can't find a way to accurately present myself in a blog.

Like a newborn infant, this blog is still uncontaminated, pure, unblemished, immaculate. It's literally a blank piece of paper on which people, nature, and time can write. We'll see how it goes from here. It's early in the evening.

Back to work. See you later.