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Surya Majapahit

Literally: "The Sun of Majapahit".

Majapahit was one of the greatest Hindu-Buddhist empires in Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and possibly in the whole world. It originated from Central Java, and under it, nations that are now modern Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, the Philippines, and East Timor united.

Ah, the good ol' past.

From the ever-omniscient Wikipedia: (bolds and purples are mine)

The most common depiction of Surya Majapahit consist of the images of nine deities and eight sun rays. The round center of the sun depicting nine Hindu gods called Dewata Nawa Sanga.

The major gods in the center is arranged in eight cardinal points around one god in the center. The arrangements are:
* Center: Shiva - the god of destruction, transformation, and union with the cosmos
* East: Isvara
* West: Mahadeva
* North: Vishnu - the god who supports, sustains, and governs the universe.
* South: Brahma - the progenitor and the great master of all human beings.
* Northeast: Sambhu
* Northwest: Sangkara
* Southeast: Mahesora
* Southwest: Rudra - god of the storm and the hunt

The minor deities located at the outer rim of the sun, symbolized by eight shining sun rays:
* East: Indra - King of the gods, god of wars, storms, and rainfalls
* West: Varuna - god of water and all its elements, especially the oceans
* North: Kuvera - lord of wealth
* South: Yama - ruler of the departed
* Northeast: Isana
* Northwest: Vayu - god of the winds 
* Southeast: Agni - god of fire, acceptor of sacrifices
* Southwest: Nrtti

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