Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Under the greater shadow

How hard it is to live under the greater shadow, a shadow that has brought you up and grown on you. The shade certainly protects you from the blazing sun, and yet you're expected to take the exact shape of that shadow.

Suddenly you find yourself in a dilemma. You know you can't stay in the shade forever. Someday you have to go out and dare the sun.

Sometimes I'm worried that my roots are weaker than I thought. That my leaves are fragile after having lived under such an amazing protection. Did I drink too much water? Did I engulf too much love that slowly corrupts me?

I'm fed up with things.

I, the foolish incapable little bird, want to go and embrace the breeze with my own wings.

Hello, Sun.

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  1. just set yourself free... the choice is yours


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