Saturday, 16 April 2011

The 5 weeks that felt like a year

So my first round in neurology is almost over. I have yet to sit my exam (and have a little potluck with colleagues afterwards) but already I start experiencing the usual flashback moments.

Neurology has always been my favourite thing. Doing neuro rotation at this particular hospital is even better. The docs are superb (yes, even you, Ma'am =p) Working at a Police hospital is also a plus since there are quite a lot of cool cases; much more than what you'll find in upper-class hospitals. During my first 4 weeks I have seen cases of AVM, Parkinson's Disease, Huntington's chorea, a UMN monoparesis, and meningoencephalitis in a HIV positive patient.

I have also seen "easy" cases gone sore, like a 45-year-old lady with ischemic stroke who, I think, died of loneliness. Her family did not seem to know of her condition, or maybe they did know but they didn't care. In any case no one ever visited her except the medical staff, and she passed away after 7 months lying on bed with GCS E3 Vx M4, a sacral decubitus, bronchopneumonia, rotting teeth, and almost a 60 million rupiah (around US$ 7000) debt to the hospital. The death was so sudden; her condition seemed to be improving for a while and suddenly she stopped breathing just like that. The nurses didn't know. The doctors didn't know. We all found it out a few seconds too late. She came in alone and she left alone. 

Such things make me realise how the bodily health is largely affected by the emotional state. A human is a whole being; body, mind, soul. It's a simple fact, but often forgotten.


Was I happy with myself during the neurology round? Yes. I could have done MUCH better though.

Was I happy with my colleagues? Awfully.

Was I happy with the doctors? One of them could use some improvements in attitude, but overall, yes, they are irreplaceable.

Was I happy with neurology? Yes, although clinic hours can be painfully boring.

Do I still consider neurology as a choice for residency? Y-E-S!


  1. Brain is always amazing too for me. Even it's the most amazing part of human body. How that little part is connected to almost all parts of the body, sounds so incredible.

    Where are you studying, Ann? Thx for visiting my blog :)

  2. Agree. But tell that to my friends, they'll think we both are crazy :P

    Did you mean my uni or my "ko-ass" hospital? Uni is Univ Pelita Harapan, hospital is RS POLRI Sukanto.

  3. Haha... Why do they so? Have you watched "gifted hands"? It's an amazing story about a brain surgeon doctor. You should watch the movie with your friends :D

    O i see, Jakarta. I am in Surabaya, but not studying medical. I study literature, but in one course, my lecturer told us about the magic of the brain. I fell in love with it since.

  4. Oh literature! I love it too! I read and write a lot, and I suppose you do the same =)


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