Thursday, 9 June 2011

Oh hey, I'm a Bachelor of Medicine!

Please excuse the lack of updates on my blog. I've just passed two most overwhelming weeks of the month, and one of those two weeks led up to my graduation on Saturday May 28 (oohh yesss!!).

The graduation batch for medical school was the afternoon batch. It means two things: 1) I could spend the entire morning perfecting my makeup, hairdo, and kebaya (hey I'm a woman!), and 2) I could have lunch first and not thinking about a hungry stomach during the ceremony. I was lucky to have my mum's employee as my makeup and hair artist; she attended a beauty school so she was able to give me some "academic" inputs regarding the art of makeup. Her name is Eka and she is terrific! (and a great chat buddy as well)

We (my dad, my mum, Eka, and I) then headed to Lomoto, a photography studio owned and operated by my friend Owen. The studio is conveniently located quite close to my student housing and even closer to my campus. I had five great shots with Owen. As a trivial bit, we knew each other after he offered himself to massage my sprained ankle during one retreat up in the mountains. At that time he was a final-year Visual Communication student, but even now he still retains the same broom-like hairstyle.

And then the commencement ceremony. The campus yard was a sea of flowing red. There were spots of other colours of students' kebaya and long dresses and batik shirts and black suits. The graduation robe (that's the red) was one heavy article compared to anything else I've worn, or maybe it was the heat that made it feel heavy. Remember, it was one afternoon in one packed place.

Me on the bench. I wore a gorgeous blue kebaya (so my colour!)
and a jarit (traditional Javanese sarong) made of batik with truntum motifs.

The ceremony went smoothly and everything was so well prepared. Of course, nothing could go wrong with an ultra-comfortable, air-conditioned, 5000-seat Grand Chapel. We the med folks were probably not as excited and proud as students from other majors because they have actually completed their education. We... well we completed the basic science years but not yet the clinical rotations. We still have work to do, man. We might have walked out of the Grand Chapel with a new title as Bachelors of Medicine, but no, you cannot legally call us doctors just yet. Just saying.

But hey, I think the commencement was still worth attending. I got nice pictures.

Me and Pamella in the basketball court, after class photoshoot.

Me and my best friend Yiyin. We did our rotations in different hospitals, so
I'm glad we could catch up with each other.

Me with Prof. Budhi (left) and Prof. Bambang (right).
Prof. Budhi teaches medical ethics and blood chemistry. Prof. Bambang teaches 
epidemiology and public health.

Medicine class of 2007.

The "party" also took place on the cyberworld. Facebook was full of friends around the world congratulating us. It is times like this that make me think how fortunate we are to live in a strongly connected era. Virtually every corner of the world is accessible and we can share happiness and blessings with a greater number of people.

Now back to work.