Thursday, 22 September 2011

Chipmunk face

Pictures of human paranasal sinuses used to scare the crap out of me. I simply couldn't imagine having such BIG holes scattered all over my face. Maybe this is what made me highly uninterested in learning ENT-related anatomy in the first place, and that gave me some problems in my ENT rotation. I'm sure this wouldn't have happened if only the first picture of paranasal sinuses I encountered was something like this:

That is certainly the most adorable coronal section of the face I've ever seen, unlike the stupid-looking hollowed out face that similar pictures usually portray. This one happens to cut through four front teeth of the superior dental hemi-arch, so that the final image looks like... well, a chipmunk.

Speaking about chipmunks, thanks to the fantastic team of five attendings (especially Dr. Chip (!), a brilliant but laid-back surgeon and a self-proclaimed Apple expert), I learnt pretty quickly and surprisingly a lot. Of course, I'd never dream of boasting my knowledge, though I can't help feeling rather amazed at how much you can accomplish even in a field you dislike, if you have strongly motivational peers around you.

And cute pictures also help.

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