Monday, 17 October 2011

The attending is always right.

1. I was wrong to use the term "subcutaneous layer" because I had been referring to the the other layers as "epidermis" and "dermis". He said I was supposed to say "subdermis" instead.

2. Polycyclic and herpetiform are lesions (not configurations of a lesion), just like a macule, papule, or vesicle is a lesion.

3. A wheal is a secondary lesion when it is caused by an external source, for example, an insect sting/bite.

4. Since what we think and what the textbooks think as right are actually wrong to him, so we all have to agree to him. "Because there's no absolute truth," he said.

People? Enlighten me. Before my head goes polycyclic.

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