Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I'm slightly obsessed with drinking tamarillo juice lately. Indonesians call it terong Belanda, or "Dutch eggplant", probably because it was first introduced in the archipelago by the Dutch. It's very rich in vitamin A and vitamin C (antioxidants!), and low in calories. When blended and mixed with milk, it's a pink awesomeness.

Source: Wikipedia

This is how the fruits look like. You can just eat them by scooping the flesh out. I haven't tried that.

A tamarillo juice.

There's a recipe online that says about removing the seeds before blending. Not sure if that's possible, though. The seeds are attached to the flesh, much like kiwi fruits. I prefer to leave them in the drink; they add a pleasant crunchy effect. Drink the juice slowly, like you would a bubble drink, and pause here and there to bite on the seeds. Man, it's so satisfying!

The tamarillo fruit in my hand.

The boy seller was generous enough to let me take one home. Shame on me, I had never seen such a fruit before! Have you?

An example of how good God is.
And also of how worthwhile it is to go out on a limb and try something new.

{I don't like eggplants. The idea of making them into a juice was scary at first.
But this, this changes everything.}

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