Monday, 20 August 2012

The Unexpected

Hello again.

Around 9 weeks ago, when I read the announcement letter for my Public Health rotation, I was moderately surprised: the letter told me that I had been partnered with someone I never worked with before. Let me tell you first: I had guessed that I'd be partnered with someone else, a girl from my own original team, because in our hospital, we were the only two left for Public Health. However, that letter proved differently.

There were a few things that concerned me about partnering with this person:
1. Like I said, I'd never worked with her before, so I hadn't been familiar with her work ethics and habits and all that are essential for professional success,
2. I hadn't known her personally because we had only been classmates but never friends (ya know, we didn't hang out together and all that), and
3. She would be the ONLY other team member in our team. It was only the two of us, so we HAD to work it out or we'd be doomed to hell extreme stress failure.

Thus far, I only knew Lala, as she prefers to be called, as a girl who was very much involved in virtually every major event and organisation at our campus. She had been an active student, she got to know the big bosses in a more personal way, and oddly enough she always managed to maintain her grades. Meanwhile, I was quite content with studying, although I did occasionally sign up for some organisations because I liked their merchandise (I love varsity merchandise, especially jackets!). I was more active in online forums and art galleries. I bonded with some professors, but always more professional than personal.

In short: I felt that she and I were too different.

I remember she texted me: "Kita IKM bareng ya Ann"* and I simply replied "Haha iya"** (of course my "haha" was as expressive as Kristen Stewart's face). Then the next day I did Awkward Thing #1: I asked her directly, and shamelessly, about her work habits. I asked her whether she was a last-minute person, or very scheduled, or what. I wanted it all laid out in the open so that I could have a proper expectation. Yeah I don't know what I was thinking!

But then, when you leave it up to God and endure what you think won't work, something strange happens: it works. It more than works, it works beautifully. Over the course of 8 weeks, Lala and I became very good friends. It turns out that she is a fun person to be with, and mind you, it's not everyday I consider someone that way. Lala is a total culinary adventurer, she took me to new eating places, all of them happened to fit my taste. She eats A LOT. She, like me, is a fan of cute things, especially teddy bears. She too, like me, has a similar style preference in fashion. And she, like me, dreams to travel the whole of Indonesia. She can discuss a wide variety of topics, from clothes to shoes to medicine (of course!) to guys to holiday destinations. It also happens that our differences are complementary to each other, instead of clashing.

Nearing the end, we found out that at first both of us silently questioned each other. Just like I had been surprised about getting her as my partner, she too had wondered why two girls from two different hospitals and possibly two different sets of personality could be teamed up together.

Now I'm wondering whether our clerkship director has been somewhat of a clairvoyant. Or a troll. Either one, I'm wholly grateful.

Looking back, I feel that I'm being reminded, again, about how God has a sense of humour after all. He is full of [good] surprises, and He is a great storyteller. He builds suspenses, He creates twists. With God, life is truly an adventure.

So. Here's to The Unexpected.

* "We're doing Public Health together, Ann."
** "Haha yes."

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