Monday, 29 October 2012

Today's random reflection

I think my left leg, particularly the ankle, is my locus minoris, or weakest spot. Already a few times it has caused me to slip and fall, and that left ankle always sustained the worst injuries, usually a sprain. This morning I did it again - slipping and falling - and I could just blame the wet moss, but why did it have to be the left ankle *again*? The abrasion on my right knee is nothing compared to it. (well okay, the wound did sting, but it was much better after I took care of it with some normal saline and topical antibiotic)

On the bright side, that little accident magically jinxed away my sleepy head because I suddenly got into a fight-or-flight mode.

Walking is hard and painful now. Another little trial to immerse me in a contemplative environment for the Year of Faith? Another reminder that I should take more lightly my pride in my own speed? Maybe. I hope so. Or maybe it's only me overthinking things ;-)

On an unrelated note, I realised that I did better in surgery rotation than internal medicine. IM is absolutely fascinating to study, but when it comes to patient management, I lose that sense of fun. I like my pathology to be more tangible and visual, probably because I'm a visual person myself. I don't think I'm gonna go into IM for residency. As long as I can prescribe standard family practice medication for IM-related pathology I think I'm alright.

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