Monday, 12 November 2012

7 Quick Takes #1

I always knew that I'm gonna do this sooner or later. Sometimes there are pieces and parts that I wanna highlight and share with my readers, but of which I don't plan on writing too much. I'm gonna do this more liberally; I don't assign a specific day because my creative juice is rather unpredictable, and who knows when I will have free time. I'll keep the "7" to discipline myself. (Being a Catholic school graduate, you breathe discipline, you eat discipline, you dream discipline, but recently I'm losing my work commitment somewhat, so I wanna make myself used to it again, starting here.)


The highlight of last weekend is receiving a postcard from... <dum dum dum> ISRAEL! I believe some of you know that I collect postcards and that I'm a Postcrosser, and I display my collection on my other blog. But this card gets an honour to be here because... well, it's my first card from Israel, and Israel is a rare country on Postcrossing. Unlike Russia, whose postcards are absolutely gorgeous, but is a "common" country; I send to and receive from Russia for too many times already!

Additionally, this card is one example of my ideal card. I love map cards, as much as I like maps and globes in general. By extension, I also love cards bearing country or state symbols or flags. If map + symbol + flag = JEWEL.


Everybody is getting bored with clerkship. And when I say everybody, I mean everybody, including the straight-A girl and the gunner. We do our duties, but barely beyond. I asked my mum once whether this is normal, and she said yes, though it's not ideal, but it is normal, especially since we're going to graduate soon. Well I still have Ob/Gyn after this, and this is certainly not a good preparation for the hectic life in Ob/Gyn. Oh well.


I've found myself criticising diagnoses, differentials, and workup results. I hope this is a good sign that I've finally understood medicine, like how to make a proper diagnosis, what lab to order, etc.


The hospital's emergency service is VERY bad. Horrible, even. The ED is supposed to have some of the smartest people, and yet what we have is some of the most careless people. Yes, they may be smart, but they don't care about making and canceling out differentials before sending patients to the wards. All they care about is getting away from patients as soon as possible; this often means people get admitted without complete workups and/or empirical treatments. Plus, one of the doctors apparently like to create his own magical diagnoses, which include "acute seizure" and "pan-gastritis". Tell me this doesn't actually makes you doubt his intelligence.


I didn't know ejaculations were indulgenced. (People, take your mind out of the gutters, it's prayers I'm talking about.) I sometimes mentally sigh with "My Lord and my God!", and that is indulgenced once a week if said under normal conditions. Not bad, eh?


I haven't gone to the cinema for 2 months. Too tired + nothing worth watching recently. Except maybe Skyfall, but I'm not a Bond fan. I'm waiting for Sinister and Silent Hill Revelation. They say the latter sucks, but I always like all things Silent Hill, so whatever! I also heard that The Walking Dead is a great series, but the thing is, I need someone to actually drag myself to watch it. I seldom watch TV; I only turn it on for The Amazing Race, occasional Wipeout, some CSI, and one or two HBO movies.


I'm hungry. Off to nom something.

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