Tuesday, 29 January 2013

This year both frightens and excites me.

2013 is looking like a long hallway full of doors and windows. They are all closed at the moment, but I have the master key. It is up to me which doors, which windows, I am going to open, and it is not impossible that beyond each door and each window there will be another similar hallway with yet more doors and more windows.

I am talking about opportunities. 2013 is the year in which I will graduate from med school. But it's not the part of being a doctor that I'm getting anxious about; rather, it's the fact that suddenly I will have SO much time at hand, and, suddenly, I am free to do whatever I want. If you think it should be a liberating experience, yes I'm sure it will be, but I can't help considering about how these exciting things I have in mind will affect my future, either directly or indirectly. You never know how the divine providence plays in your life, right?

Below are some of the little life detours I have ready for 2013:

Learn a new language.
In the not-so-distant past, I've taught myself some French and I'm happy to say that I can at least read, form simple written sentences, and understand spoken ones (mostly song lyrics). I'm not yet an active speaker, and French is starting to frustrate me in this department. Boy, speaking French is hard! I'm [pleasantly] jealous with a few friends who are fluent. They sound so... well, sexy.
My mum suggests that I take a formal French course so that I can learn it more systematically, and with other people to boost my communication skills. But I've fallen out of love with it, and instead I get captured by another language: Japanese. I'll talk more about it later, but all I can say for now, Japanese is the language which I seriously look forward to become proficient in. God willing!

Learn to make and manage a website.
In the 8th grade, we have learnt to make a simple HTML website using Ms FrontPage. The designing part is not a problem, but I want to be more proficient in the coding system, especially CSS, and maybe also to get familiar with Dreamweaver. I want to design a website for my mum's clinic; it's got quite well-known in my hometown and it has hosted a few lectures already, so I think a simple yet elegant website is warranted. I already have a vivid image of how the website should look like, it's only a matter of time until its execution. God willing!

Learn to dive.
If there is one part of the planet that I have never explored during all my previous travels, it is the underwater world. Which is a shame since the Indonesian archipelago has so many wonderful diving sites, and getting intimate with water is pretty much second nature to us Indonesians. I certainly don't want to miss it!

Get serious about devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.
I have felt a strong calling to devote myself more to the Blessed Sacrament. Remember the cheesy old saying that "Love needs no reason"? Well that's that: I don't know why this particular devotion attracts me. I don't think I have a reason, at least not an immediately apparent one. It does feel a lot like falling in love though: I suddenly see this Sacrament anew, I suddenly want to get to know it more, but I want to do it carefully, I want to do it right, I want to savour all the experiences. The Year of Faith is just the right time to start :)

Shadow a plastic surgeon.
It now looks more and more like I'm going to specialize in plastic surgery, although I still can't say for sure (I always have a teeny wee problem about announcing things like this, because I don't want to get ahead of time, but at the same time I don't want to sound completely aimless. Ah the art of being me!). However I do notice that I get increasingly interested in the field; for example, there's this suturing workshop coming up in 2 weeks, and I realize that I've been making sure to avoid any other events or meetings so that I can attend the full workshop. To be honest, never before I get so curious and so committed to a specialty, so you know guys, this could be it!! *hopeful* Let me grab a plastic surgeon, get a recommendation letter from him or her, and let us see, okay? God willing!

Travel more.
I have an insatiable hunger for visiting new places. In my country alone, there are so many wonders I want to see. There are several in Nusa Tenggara - the Gili Islands, Komodo National Park, Kelimutu, Mount Rinjani. I'm also thinking about taking a language travel program again; the EF Education First has so many delectable destinations to choose from. Go check them out. Right now I spy Malta and Cape Town. God willing!

So how are YOU planning to spend 2013?

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