Friday, 3 May 2013

54-Day Rosary Novena, Day 3: Almost forgot!


There's the problem again. Not sleepiness. Now it's almost forgetting it! (and the difficulty of finding the necessary push to start).

Tonight is one of those frustrating nights when I know I've got much more important things to do right now (i.e. studying, for goodness' sake!), but suddenly getting inspired to do some art. Really, Inspiration Fairy, couldn't you just wait??

Doing the Rosary Novena puts me in the mood of drawing/painting Marian images (like I haven't got plenty of that already). This time I want to draw the Madonna and Child in very elaborate robes. I have collected useful references of statues from the internet. Recently my artworks were much more simplistic for my standard, which isn't bad at all, of course, but at heart I'm a person who is very fond of intricate and flowy details. My favourite art sytles are Baroque and art nouveau, and also surrealism for its... surrealism =]

Until then!


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