Saturday, 28 September 2013

Synaxis of the Archangels

Tomorrow on the 29th of September the Universal Church celebrate the Feast of the Archangels Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael.

A "synaxis" is an Eastern Church term to denote a collective feast whereby several saints are honoured together. The Feast of Korean martyrs, for example, and the Feast of Saints Joachim and Anna, would be a synaxis.

As I'm a big fan of Eastern icons and iconography, on this vigil, I present you an icon of the Synaxis of the Archangels.

We must now let ourselves be guided by Divine Revelation in our exploration of the other mysteries of our salvation. We have now received a truth which must be profoundly important for every Christian: that there are pure spirits, creatures of God, initially all good and then, through a choice of sin, irreducibly separated into angels of light and angels of darkness. And while the existence of the wicked angels requires of us that we be watchful so as not to yield to their empty promises, we are certain that the victorious power of Christ the Redeemer enfolds our lives, so that we ourselves may overcome these spirits. In this, we are powerfully helped by the good angels, messengers of God's love, to whom, taught by the tradition of the Church, we address our prayer: "Angel of God, who are my guardian, enlighten, guard, govern and guide me, who have been entrusted to you by the heavenly goodness. Amen".

Blessed John Paul II

General Audience August 20, 1986


  1. Never heard of a Synaxis before, thanks!

    1. No problem! :) It's an Eastern Church term, so we might not hear it very often in the Western Church.


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