Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Created Order as a Sacrament

When our First Parents fell into sin, all creation—not just mankind—also fell into sin, that is, a state of being separated from God. Because of sin, there came a deep abyss between the Creator and the created.

But our Most Loving God pursues us like a man pursues the love of his heart. Love transforms the lover into the likeness of the beloved: God became man and suffered as man suffers; He truly became one of us. His love redeemed not only all mankind, but also the entire creation. That abyss between heaven and earth is now bridged by His holy cross so that once again we may behold His face in love, as was originally designed. Creation is now a sacrament, a visible sign, of Heaven.


"When God took on flesh in Jesus Christ, the uncreated and the created, the eternal and the temporal, the divine and the human became united. This unity meant that all that is mortal now points to the immortal, all that is finite now points to the infinite. In and through Jesus all creation has become like a splendid veil, through which the face of God is revealed to us.This is called the sacramental quality of the created order.

All that is is sacred because all that is speaks of God's redeeming love. Seas and winds, mountains and trees, sun, moon, and stars, and all the animals and people have become sacred windows offering us glimpses of God."

—Henri Nouwen

Image: "The White Orchard", Vincent van Gogh

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  1. Ahhh...I too am reading Henri Nouwen. I just love the way he writes. I am reading the Prodigal Son. Once I am finished, I will reflect on my blog. I also wanted to thank you for writing about your opened my up to write about mine (which I had been hesitant to do!)
    God Bless You!


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