Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Excitement: my first Lay Dominican retreat!

I should really be sleeping right now but I'm still so excited about what just happened, so I'll write a quick post to tell you all how GOOD God is! (and how awesome my brother St. Dominic is!)

So this month, there's going to be a national chapter retreat of Lay Dominican. All you Lay Doms, you know it's a biggie! The folks of Jakarta chapter informed me about this retreat last month and they were all expecting me to be there. The retreat spans a long weekend due to the Islamic feast of Eid al-Adha, during which normal people would have days off. I had told them that I would try my best to, because clearly my life isn't quite normal, and my schedule is irregularly irregular. I hadn't mentioned that the October schedule was already out, and all hope was lost even before it began.

Between our last meeting and today, sorrowful mourning was the overarching theme of my life. Mainly I was worried about the possibility of having to postpone my postulancy period because I don't attend a super-important event (hey don't blame me, I still have yet to figure out how this Lay Dom thing works!). I don't know why but I felt that this retreat was something very, very crucial for my journey as a Lay Dominican, something like a milestone.

This evening I had a chat with my dear friend and brother Harry, a future Dominican friar and the first person who opened up the way to this great vocation. Naturally we talked about the retreat, and yes, he's going to be there too. I told him again how sad I was (yeah I can be rather emotional online, but don't expect me to be like that offline). He suggested that I ask Mr. Theo (the "head" of the Jakarta chapter, although there's really no clear-cut hierarchy) if I could attend for just 2 days and leave earlier to do my shift. I jokingly said to Harry that I should ask Saint Dominic to obtain for me that one day that I need in order to have the full retreat.

I hadn't prayed to St. Dominic yet (was contemplating to) but here's what happened: one of my teammates suddenly messaged me and told me she was willing to change her shift with mine. It was all. so. sudden. And I didn't have a choice but to scream a [voiceless] happy scream!!!!!! :D :D :D

So that's that. I shall be there.

Thank you Jesus, for the sweet sweet surprise, with impeccable timing and a good laugh after that.

Thank you my brother Dominic, for the initiative to obtain for me what I wanted to request from you but hadn't. And for the speedy result.

Your baby sister,

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