Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Jesus in the Kitchen

Well here's the thing: I have almost zero problem with religious stuff. As a natural introvert, I have virtually no difficulties staying silent, contemplating, having internal dialogues with myself. It's actually what I do during every waking minute. And I certainly don't need slow music and hypnotising commands like "Focus... focus..." in order to focus (if anything, they make me sleepy).

The spiritual life isn't what I struggle with. What I struggle with, is the practical life. People need help to ascend the mountain, but *I* need help to descend. If I could, I would stay all day in front of the Blessed Sacrament and not have to go check on my patients at the hospital. If I could, I would write long letters, essays, and reflections on spiritual matters all day every day throughout the year, rather than going to the bank, the market, the post office, the gas station. The "contemplari" part of the Dominican principle "Contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere" is easy, but the "contemplata aliis tradere" part always needs an extra oomph.

Anyone have the same issue?

I found the following quote from the Ignatius Press page on Facebook. It's a piece of advice from my patron saint, the great Teresa of Avila. She reminds us that there is a time for interior matters, and there's a time for exterior matters. More importantly, she also reminds us that leaving the pew does not mean leaving Jesus; Jesus is walking with us all the time, yes, even "among the pots and pans", to help us work in the world, out of obedience and love for Him.

Martha is a saint too, isn't she? :)

"Well come now, my daughters, don't be sad when obedience draws you to involvement in exterior matters. Know that if it is the kitchen, the Lord walks among the pots and pans helping you both interiorly and exteriorly."

—St. Teresa of Avila


Image: "Kitchen Scene with the Supper in Emmaus", by Diego Velazquez, 1618.

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  1. Anna, I am the same way. :) The noise of the world gets to me sometimes, I like my silence. :) So, yes, I struggle with this, but I do what I can to maintain my "domestic monastery" even when I'm out in the world! Little reminders like a rosary in my pocket or a holy card really help with this.


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