Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Souls we forget to pray for

When praying for the dead, we often only pray for the souls of deceased family members and friends. While this is certainly a great and loving work of mercy, we really could do more for the poor souls in Purgatory! During my last Lay Dominican meeting, which took place on Nov 5, we held Mass specially dedicated to these souls. While we were invited to submit the names of our deceased loved ones, we also prayed for "forgotten souls", which include:
  • Souls whose bodies contribute to the learning of science (anatomy lab cadavers come into mind!)
  • Souls who died sudden deaths in accidents, natural disasters, and riots
  • Souls who no longer have living family members and friends

I would also like to add:
  • For medical professionals: souls of patients who died under their care
  • Souls of babies who died before being born (both from natural causes and from human intervention)
  • Souls of John and Jane Doe's
  • Souls of those who lived a noble life and died a noble death outside the Faith, for example, the souls of our national heroes

If you remember more "forgotten souls" to pray for, please remind us of them by filling out the comment box below! :)

Remember that the souls in Purgatory are holy! They are inheritors of Heaven, they are counted in the Communion of Saints! They only have to be purified a little more out of love for God. Let us Church Militant never forget our brothers and sisters the Church Suffering!


"Lay my body anywhere, only this I beg of you: remember me at the altar of God."
—St. Monica to her son, St. Augustine—

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