Thursday, 4 December 2014

Go Ahead! Courage!

"Running for Home", Charles Napier Hemy

"Go ahead! Courage! In the spiritual life he who does not go forward goes backward. It is the same with a boat which must always go forward. If it stands still, the wind will blow it back."

— St. Padre Pio

Have you ever wondered why it seems like, spiritually speaking, you never settle? Have you ever felt that the race goes on forever? And that you have to keep on running? Have you ever wanted to cry out to God, "I'm tired!"?

It does seem like the Lord has a propensity for rocking your boat. You know, He lets you rest for awhile but then one day He declares "Okay, time's up!" and you must leave and never look back.

Yes, it is exhausting. All these great battles that we must fight, they are draining our energy. And if you're like me, there could be one or two specific struggles that you can't get rid of. You fall into the same sin again and again, maybe with variable depths of fall but still the same sin, and it drives you mad.

But I guess the important thing is, we keep running. We keep pushing forward in the right direction and we never stand still. More temptations mean further progress. The tallest trees are hit by the strongest winds. And yes, a moving ship gets the nastiest waves.

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