Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Drinking the Bible

Hi, readers! I'm back! I know I haven't been keeping this blog updated, and I'm sorry for that, but to my surprise I found that this blog's stats is still quite dynamic. Meaning, visitors still came and (hopefully) read it and got something from it. You are truly fantastic readers!

There are a lot of [awesome] things that have been happening in my life, but right now I just want to share this, umm, witness, if you will.

I'd been struggling with regular Bible reading. I knew it's great and everything, and I always loved the idea of committing a certain time period each day to read the Bible. However, I hadn't been able to find real, personal enjoyment from it. It's like when you know exercise is good for you and you would advise it to your friends (and your patients) but wouldn't do it yourself because it's sooooo difficult to do and you butt is waayyy too heavy to drag to the gym.

The proof of it can be found here. I started the 90-Day Bible Reading Challenge and it looks like I successfully failed.

But then. MIRACLE. About two months back I experienced... uhh I don't know, a personal Pentecost? Can't remember exactly how it began. I think I was collecting Bible verses for a book project. Suddenly I couldn't stop reading. I read and read the Bible like a hungry beggar keeps eating and eating. It was a very, very strange experience. Suddenly I could "see" the Bible, like a teenage boy suddenly "sees" his female friend from childhood, a girl whom he has seen a thousand times before, in a completely different light.

My rational mind, of course, wanted to wait. That could be a temporary emotion, right? Or, it could be due to the format of the Bible I was reading that was comfortable to hold. It was the Bible given by the Dominican priest during my novitiate ceremony.

Or—as I gave up rationalising—it could really be the Holy Spirit giving me the necessary grace! Deo gratias!

Anybody reading this might still be skeptical. That's alright. I was skeptical too. I was skeptical that one could fall in love with the Sacred Scripture, so passionately, so longingly. Sure, we Christians should love the Scripture, but we might never imagine that it's possible to love it that deeply and romantically. Yes, romantically. As if reading a love letter.

But why is the title of this post "Drinking the Bible"? It refers to this strange, lingering sensation in my soul whenever I read the Bible these days. As I read, I feel—ever so realistically—like there's robust red wine flowing down my esophagus into my tummy where it warms my entire being. The wine tastes sweet with a tinge of bitterness, yet as soon as it touches the base of my tummy, it evaporates into equally sweet and pure, warm air contained in my being. It's relaxing, it's uplifting, and it's addicting.

And believe me when I say I'm not trying to be poetic. This mystical wine, I can almost taste it on my tongue. I pray that the Lord will never take this dear sweetness away from me. I pray you will get to taste it too.

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